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Emily's Pet Services

I have two dogs, Fudge was from Battersea and is a mongrel. He was only 3 months old when we got him and had only been at Battersea a matter of days so I thought ‘great he won’t have any problems’. Who was I kidding? He was terrified about going to the toilet and had obviously been told off for doing it in the wrong place so often that now he was scared to go at all. Thankfully we are over that issue but it took a long while and lots of patience. He also formed a huge attachment to me and hated it when I left the house to go to work each day. He became a chewer and I would come home to lots of mess. We then got him a friend- Candy. It was definitely love at first sight and now the two of them get up to mischief together! She is a Staffie, Ridgeback cross and having her at home with him has helped to stop him chewing, but I knew I could give them a better quality of life so I decided to give up my career as a teacher and to walk dogs instead. This way I would be at home more often and Fudge and Candy could join me on the walks as they are well socialised and enjoy the company of some other dogs although they are beginning to find puppies a bit tiresome! LOL

Holiday dates 2019

I will be off from 21.12.18- 6.1.19 inclusive, 25.1.19- 27.1.19 inclusive, 4.2.19- 11.2.19 inclusive, 22.3.19- 24.3.19 inclusive, 4.5.19- 6.5.19 inclusive, 13.5.19- 17.5.19 inclusive, 7.6.19-9.6.19 inclusive and 20.12.19- 5.1.20 inclusive.


I have chosen to add the links below as these are all very special to me:

Battersea is where we got Fudge from and I thought they were excellent in trying to find the right dog for us. I am definitely all for rehoming rather than buying a puppy.

I have volunteered at HULA for about 10 years and walk the dogs who are unfortunate enough to find themselves at a rehoming centre. Although as rehoming centres go they couldn't have found a better one. The staff and volunteers are dedicated to finding each and every dog its special home and they work tirelessly to rehome cats and small animals as well.

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