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Meet The Gang

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“ I'm Oscar. I love playing with all the other dogs. Emily says that I am so well behaved that I can be her beautiful assistant anytime! ”

Emily - Sunday 10th Mar 2013


“ Hi my name is Shanty. I live with Millie, Buster and Lulu. I can be very shy when meeting new people and other dogs but I am getting better and braver and have made quite a few friends already. ”

Emily - Friday 08th Mar 2013


“ Hi I'm Millie. I go for walks with Emily. I love everything and everyone! I go out with my sister Shany who can be shy and I am helping her to become more sociable by showing her how to make friends. I also live with Lulu and my brother Buster comes out too. ”

Emily - Friday 08th Mar 2013

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