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“ Hello my name is Lucky. I am Emily's first doggie customer. I love Fudge and Candy because they are not always trying to play with me. I do enjoy chasing after them though! ”

Emily - Saturday 14th May 2011


“ Hi my name is Candy and I am Emily's dog. This is me when I was about 3 months old. This was my first night in my new house. As you can see I made myself at home!
I am now nearly 8 years old but still just as cute. I'm an angel and never give my mummy any trouble. ”

Emily - Thursday 07th Oct 2010


“ Hi my name is Fudge and I am one of Emily's dogs. Here I am as a 3 month old puppy. This was my very first walk! We went to the Blue Lagoon. We still sometimes walk there and it brings back lots of really good memories.
I am now 8 years old. Mummy says the time has flown by! ”

Emily - Friday 07th May 2010

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