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“ I went to stay with Fudge and Candy for one night.
I was super scared but they made me feel very welcome. Here I am sleeping on the sofa and if you look carefully you can see Candy sleeping on the sofa near me. I'm now looking forward to my next sleep over. ”

Emily - Saturday 14th Sep 2013


“ Hi I'm Lola. Here I am just practising my yoga poses in the middle of a field. You will often see me running around with a great big football. They are my favourite!
I live with Roxi, Fern and Tara. ”

Emily - Wednesday 04th Sep 2013


“ I'm Roxi and I live with Tara, Fern and Lola. I just love tennis balls and will keep bringing them back to Emily for as long as she is willing to throw them. ”

Emily - Wednesday 04th Sep 2013

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